It is a next generation knowledge base and interactive financial planning research tool. INTUITIVE KNOWLEDGE TREE™ allows users a highly efficient way to engage with a massive database of over 11,000 pieces of financial planning content and tools, by searching and refining results via a conversational question interface. Think of it as the Google of personal financial advice. Users can choose to click through an intuitively organized menu of financial planning categories and associated questions, or do a keyword or natural language search to find targeted content. By starting with a question or a simple search topic, users are prompted with additional questions to further filter the content. This method of push knowledge engineering ensures that even if a user is unaware of potentially impactful nuances of their search topic, they are provided with the details needed to further their understanding. INTUITIVE KNOWLEDGE TREE™ includes FINRA approved content from our strategic partners, Broadridge Financial Solutions and, and is enriched by our proprietary tools and perspectives.

Key Attributes

  • Provides search results that map precise content based on the users planning question.
  • Presents users with a list of other related financial planning questions to consider that may be relevant and impactful to the question being explored.
  • Allows the user to further refine results by selecting additional questions to explore, or immediately see the full list of content related to their original search.
  • Strengthens compliance by providing FINRA approved content.
  • Reduces time required to fully explore a topic and build expertise.

Sample Use Case

  • Following the Retirement Planning path in the Knowledge Tree, I am presented with many useful resources including: a Checklist that outlines steps to take in preparing for a transition to retirement, a Worksheet that guides me through estimating my anticipated retirement expenses, many Articles and Perspectives that provide greater insight into what the retirement transition will be like, and an INTELLIGENT DECISION TOOLS™ that helps me determine which payout option for my pension plan will be best for me. In addition, I have Calculators, Videos, and FAQs specific to the planning issue that I am exploring.
  • I recently left my employer and do a search for “401(k) rollover” to understand how to roll over my 401(k). I am presented with information for a 401(k) rollover, but also listed in the search results are other important questions I didn’t realize I should be thinking about, such as “What if I have an outstanding 401(k) loan when I leave my employer?”
  • Wanting to learn more about annuities, I do a search for “annuities” which provides me a list of questions that helps me further refine exactly which aspect of annuities I want to explore, for example, “What is the difference between fixed and variable annuities?” Or, “Is an annuity with a living benefit rider something that I should consider?”