Intelligent Net Worth


It is a next generation net worth statement and interactive intelligent planning tool. INTELLIGENT NET WORTH™ allows users to easily understand the details and planning opportunities for each asset and liability and empowers individuals to improve their financial position. This incorporates the same core functionality as the INTELLIGENT CASH FLOW™ and also provides a color-coded indicator/grade for each section of the net worth statement, helping individuals identify where improvements can be made and providing topic specific expert advice on how to do so.

Key Attributes

  • Provides topic specific content and guidance to users for each type of asset and liability.
  • Prompts specific questions for each type of asset and type of liability.
  • Presents planning opportunity alerts and guidance for improvements.

Sample Use Case

  • I have a low level of cash reserves and want guidance around establishing a proper emergency fund.
  • I’m alerted to a planning opportunity to evaluate what I should do with my orphan 401(k).
  • My investment portfolio includes a highly concentrated stock position and I want to understand the risks involved and how I might be able to mitigate the risk.