Intelligent Decision Tools

About Intelligent Decision Tools

IDT is a new unique category of software… Automated Personal Financial Advice.

Our AI driven solution simulates the process of how human financial advisors work with clients, answering both routine and complex personal financial planning questions through a concise Q&A process typically taking a few minutes or less.

IDT simplifies and automates the process of providing holistic goals-based personal financial planning advice by guiding users and identifying the planning strategies that best fit their situation. The guidance is compliant and specific based on the individual’s goals, personal profile, financial position, tax situation, time frame and risk tolerance, and identifying, weighting, and ranking the strategies and relevant factors. We do this through an AI driven solution that incorporates advanced client profiling, and knowledge engineering within a rules-based expert system, allowing users to seamlessly answer their personal financial planning questions, making them an “instant expert” on virtually any personal financial planning issue.

Key Attributes

  • Addresses a broad spectrum of financial planning questions, requiring minimal data entry while facilitating a quick and simple process.
  • Identifies a comprehensive list of planning strategies relevant to each specific financial issue or question.
  • Identifies targeted quantitative analysis, as well as qualitative questions, based on an individual’s profile through an interactive and intelligent Q&A process.
  • Presents the comprehensive list of planning strategies in a ranked and prioritized list based on the user’s profile and responses to the questions.
  • Minimizes time to implementation by seamlessly creating a professional client deliverable that is compliant, comprehensive, and includes supporting FINRA-reviewed content.
  • Provides an audit trail of our proprietary expert system’s rules and scoring methodology that simplifies the process for your firm’s compliance review.
  • Enhances Reg Best Interest compliance by documenting how the advisor got to the recommendation.

Sample Use Case

  • Is it better for me to leave an orphan 401(k) with my former employer or to roll it over?
  • When I retire, should I take the monthly pension benefit or rollover the lump sum to my IRA?
  • I’m self-employed… what’s the best way for me to save for my retirement?
  • What should I do with my stock options and how will I be taxed?
  • Is a 15-year mortgage better for me or is a 30-year mortgage the better choice?
  • Should I rent or is it better for me to purchase a home?
  • Should I lease or purchase my next car?