Intelligent Cash Flow


It is a powerful cash flow simulator that guides the user to easily identify current income sources and expenses, and performs any number of short-term what-if scenarios. While traditional comprehensive financial planning software is excellent for producing multi-decade cash flow projections, it typically falls short of allowing individuals to feel confident that they understand the financial impact of a potential upcoming life-transition. Individuals may feel overwhelmed due to the complexity and sheer volume of data contained in the many pages of data and graphs that typically comprise a traditional financial plan. INTELLIGENT CASH FLOW™ solves this problem by providing guided scenarios that identify key factors to consider for an upcoming life transition and illuminating the changes that take place in that transition as a moment in time.

Key Attributes

  • Simplifies data input through a focus on a specific near-term scenario, typically focused on the coming one to two years.
  • Interprets and presents information in a simple to understand format, that mirrors how individuals think about cash flow.
  • Creates specific life event scenarios by accessing predefined life event templates and guidance.
  • Illustrates alternative what-if scenarios in order to compare the impact of changing income, expense, and income tax assumptions.
  • Enables context specific note entry in a user-friendly and logical manner.
  • Relates each line item, (e.g. social security, pension, and mortgage), in the cash flow statement with links to our full suite of FINRA compliant and topic specific content as well as INTELLIGENT DECISION TOOLS™.
  • Provides a color-coded grade for each section of the INTELLIGENT CASH FLOW™ statement that identifies potential improvements and provides topic specific expert advice on how to do so.
  • Identifies immediate planning opportunities.

Sample Use Case

  • I’m retiring next year and want to understand what my specific retirement income sources and expense items are, as well as my planned portfolio withdrawal rate as a percentage of my total retirement assets.
  • I’m moving across country to take a new job. I’ll have a higher income, but also a higher cost of living. Will I be able to maintain my lifestyle?
  • I’m starting a family and want to assess the impact on the changes to my income, household expenses and income taxes, as well as the child care expenses that need to be accounted for.