How Is IDT Unique

Current Environment

Driven by educational process

  1. Typically requires several hours or more.
  2. Advisor researches articles, worksheets, and comparison tables from multiple sources.
  3. Dependent on Advisor’s knowledge and experience.
  4. Advisor is challenged to identify and weigh all factors.
  5. Quality of advice/recommendations can vary due to inconsistent process.
  6. Client may lack the confidence to move forward to implement recommendations.
  7. Challenging for Advisor to create professional and compliant deliverables.
  8. Client’s experience can be uneven.


AI driven solution

  1. Takes only a few minutes or less typically.
  2. Push Knowledge Engineering presents the Advisor with relevant strategies, related information and pros & cons.
  3. Guides Advisor through intuitive interactive Q&A process.
  4. Analyzes all relevant factors: Qualitative & Quantitative.
  5. Consistency of process assured due to strategies being ranked in descending order from the closest match.
  6. Clear guidance including strategy overviews, pros & cons and implementation steps.
  7. Professional deliverable seamlessly created that’s  compliant and comprehensive.
  8. Consistently exceptional Client experience!