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AI driven solution that seamlessly answers any personal financial planning question in a few minutes or less!

Features at a Glance

Our AI driven solution simulates the process of how human financial advisors work with clients.  IDT answers both routine and complex personal financial planning questions through a concise Q&A process typically taking a few minutes or less.

The result is specific recommendations based on the user’s profile.

Expert Advice

Expert advice on virtually any personal financial topic, enabling confident financial decisions and providing an enriching user experience.

Qualitative Analysis

Identifies targeted quantitative analysis, as well as qualitative questions, based on an individual’s profile through an interactive and intelligent Q&A process.

Knowledge Engineering

Automates the process of providing expert  financial planning advice by leveraging advanced data modeling linked to knowledge engineering within a rules-based expert system.

Minimal Data Entry

Addresses a broad spectrum of financial planning questions, requiring minimal data entry while facilitating a quick and simple process.

Contextual Guidance

Presents user guidance and supporting in-depth topical information at the right time and in the right context.

FINRA-Reviewed Content

Minimizes time to implementation through presentation tools including supporting clear FINRA-reviewed content.

Industry Thought Leaders

A lesser-known challenge that many professionals – particularly those in fields where their interactions with clients can result in lifealtering consequences – run up against after they’ve got some education and experience under their belts is the realization that, despite what they (Financial Advisors) have already learned, there’s an ocean of knowledge and expertise between where they are and where they feel they need to be to best serve their clients.

Michael Kitces 2018

Industry Thought Leaders

Market forces are making planning as important as investment management, and firms across the industry are rethinking their services. Market forces—like shifting demographics, consumer demand and regulation — are making financial planning an imperative for firms across the wealth management industry. As a result, financial planning technology is quickly becoming the front line in the battle for client assets.

InvestmentNews 2018

Industry Thought Leaders

Firms are shifting from an investment-led mindset to a planning-led mindset, integrating the financial planning conversation into the wealth management process,” said Isabella Fonseca, senior analyst at Aite Group. In her report, nearly three-quarters of 344 financial advisers surveyed said financial planning was equal to or more important than investment management.

Aite Group 2018

Industry Thought Leaders

But perhaps the greatest blocking point to financial planning software innovation is that few new providers have really taken an innovative and differentiated vision of what financial planning software can and should be…and instead continue to simply copy today’s incumbents, adding only incremental new features while trying to forever be ‘simpler and easier’ – without even any clear understanding of what, exactly, is OK to eliminate in the process. Nonetheless, tremendous opportunity remains for real innovation in financial planning software.

Michael Kitces 2017


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